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Sugar Rush Collection Cheesecake

Php 42.00

Feel the rush of sweet madness with Chic Nail Color’s Sugar Rush Collection. You’re in for a dozen tasty treats with these shades that will leave you thinking about your favorite candy. Satisfy your cravings and dip your nails into fresh and oh-so-sweet colors.

- Rich and bold colors that make your nails stand out.

- High-quality nail polish that is easy to apply and dries quickly, so you can flaunt your nails in no time!

- The 11ml volume ensures you have enough nail polish for multiple uses without having to restock often.

The Chic Nail Color 11ml Sugar Rush Collection is a single-item pack, making it easy for you to buy just what you need. With its 12-month shelf life, this product will last long enough without losing its quality. You’ll be mesmerized by the stunning colors on your nails every time!

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